Power Steering Fluid

Slick 50 Power Steering Fluid is a universal power steering fluid, however is not suitable for use in vehicles that require DA fluid.

It helps to lubricate the power steering pump, reducing wear and friction. It is formulated to protect against power steering leeks and keeps seals in good condition, helping to prevent the need for repairs.

  • Reduces wear and friction to keep power steering system operating smoothly and quietly.
  • Keeps seals in good condition to stop and prevent leaks.
  • Reduces oxidation and foaming.
  • Maintains maximum performance even in high and low temperature extremes.  Improved formula expands range of power steering system compatibility.

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Instructions: Switch off engine. Wipe clean power steering reservoir filler cap area and remove cap. Fill reservoir to the manufacturer’s recommended level with SLICK 50 Power Steering Fluid. Do not overfill. Check reservoir regularly and top up when necessary.

Slick 50 Power Steering Fluid is suitable for use with the following systems:



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