Manual Gearbox Treatment

Slick 50 Manual Gearbox Treatment

Slick 50 Manual Gearbox Treatment helps to protect against friction and the extreme pressure of gears under stress, making gear changes easier and smoother. It is designed for use in manual and heavy-duty manual transmissions, final drives and differentials.

It has been developed with a proprietary sulfur-phosphorus chemistry where the sulfur based Extreme Pressure (EP) additive is low active and not aggressive to yellow metal unlike other more aggressive forms of sulfur based EP additives. Slick 50 Manual Gearbox Treatment has a durable yellow metal passivator that protects yellow metal from corrosion and has been used for several years in the marketplace, with vehicles using this technology having accumulated a lot of field usage with no reported problems of synchronizer gears.

For use on any manual gearbox, including those utilising 75W-90 or 80W-90 gear oils. Compatible with mineral oil and synthetic fluids.

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Features and Benefits

  •  Provides a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) treatment to gears.
  •  Provides a top-off treatment containing GL-5, GL-5LS, MT-1 fluid.
  •  Keeps transmission seals in good condition.
  •  Synthetic formula is compatible with both mineral and synthetic gear oils.
  • Durable viscosity modifiers provide protection in extreme operating conditions.
  • Helps protect against rust, corrosion, oxidation and sludge.
  • Contains gear lube with quality suitable for differential gear systems in heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks and passenger cars.
  • Provides protection for the extreme pressure requirements of hypoid, spur, bevel helical and worm gears.

Slick 50 Manual Gearbox Treatment reduces friction and should not be used in automatic gearboxes, limited slip differentials or CVTs. Do not use in vehicles that have a manual gearbox but use automatic transmissions fluid.

INSTRUCTIONS: One 80 ml application is sufficient to treat one manual gearbox or ordinary differential. Remove 80 ml of existing gearbox or differential fluid using the tubing and used oil container provided.  Replace the removed fluid with 80 ml of Slick 50 Manual Gearbox Treatment.  Ensure access plug is replaced securely and dispose of used fluid safely.

Always replace fluids in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.  Do not overfill.  Please dispose of used fluid safely.  Wash thoroughly after contact.  Dispose of after use in a used oil collection centre.  Improper disposal of used oil is dangerous for the environment.  Do not mix with extraneous materials such as thinners, brake and cooling fluids.




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