Fuel System Treatment

Fuel System Treatment

Slick 50 Fuel System Treatment is suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

The build up of deposits in fuel systems can be a slow growing problem for vehicles. Intake valve and other fuel system deposits can lead to reduced power and performance, poor fuel economy, increased emissions, hesitation, stalling and poor driveability. Slick 50 Fuel System Treatment ensures the entire fuel system is clean of deposits and assists to restore performance back to its greatest potential, resulting in a smoother running, more economical system.

This Fuel System Cleaner provides a complete, all-in-one treatment for your fuel system. It will clean the entire system to ensure that the injectors, valves and pistons are all treated and cleaned for best performance.

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Slick 50 Fuel System Treatment:

  • Removes deposits and cleans the entire fuel system to help restore to its best performance, also helping to prevent future accumulation.
  • Helps reduce emissions and maintain optimum performance, fuel economy and smooth running of the vehicle.
  • Provides better drivability: less hesitation on acceleration, smoother idle, reduced knock and ping sounds.
  • Protects against friction.

Instructions: When the fuel tank is nearly empty, pour the entire content of the container into the tank. Refuel with up to 55 litres/12 gallons of fuel. Repeat application every 3000 miles (5000 km).

This product is most effective when used just before filling up the fuel tank, to achieve the best mix ratio of Fuel System Treatment to fuel. This will also ensure that it is able to work its way  through the system in the optimum time. however if using when filling up less than a full tank, then there are no adverse effects.



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