Slick 50 Product Information and FAQs
Engine Treatment and Synthetic Engine Treatment
Fuel System Treatment
Power Steering Fluid
Manual Gearbox Treatment

Engine Treatment and Synthetic Engine Treatment
Should I be using the High Performance Synthetic Engine treatment or the Normal Engine Treatment?
Both Products can be used in any car with beneficial results. However, you will achieve optimum results by using the High Performance treatment in cars using fully or semi synthetic oils, and the Normal treatment in cars using mineral oils.

Can it be used in a 2-stroke engine?
No, the product is designed for use in 4 stroke engines only

How much Engine Treatment do I need for my vehicle?

Engine Size Slick50 Usage
Up to 375cc 250ml (Small motorcycle, garden equipment)
375cc – 750cc 350ml (Medium sized motorcycles)
750cc – 1500cc 500ml (Larger Motorcycles, passenger cars)
1500cc – 3 litres 750ml (As above)
3 litres to 5 litres 1 Litre (As above)
Over 5 litres 20% of total lubricant requirements

How long will it last?
Slick 50 should be used at every oil change, for maximum effectiveness, or at least every 12, 500 miles (20, 000km).

Can I use it in a car with a catalytic converter?
Yes, you can.

Can I use it in a car with Turbo Charge?
Yes, you can.

Can I use it in a Vehicle with Limited Slip Differential (also called Limited Slip Diff)?
No, this application relies upon friction to achieve the designed performance; Slick 50 Engine Treatment should not be used in such cases as it reduces friction.

Can I use it in a vehicle with hydraulic tappets (also called Hydraulic Lifters)?
Yes, the product has been used in many vehicles over many years with hydraulic tappets with no negative effects.

Fuel System Treatment
Can this product be used with both petrol and diesel engines?
Yes, it is designed for use with both types of fuel.

Why do you advise to use the product in an empty tank before refueling?
This is purely to achieve the optimum mix ratio of fuel to Fuel System Treatment, and to enable the product to work its way through the system in the optimum time However, using the product in a smaller amount of fuel will not have any adverse effects.

Will this product disperse water from the fuel system?
No, it is not water dispersant.

How long will one application last?
Approximately 3000 miles.

Can I use it in a car with a catalytic converter?
Yes, you can.

Can I use it in a car with a turbo charge?
Yes, you can.

How long is the recommended shelf life?
This is around 3 years, however it will be safe to use if older than 3 years old, but may not perform to its full potential.

Power Steering Treatment
Can this product be used with any type of power steering system?
This is a universal product and can be used in any car with hydraulic power assisted steering.

Can I use this product where DA Fluid is specified?
No, Slick 50 is not suitable for vehicles that require DA Fluid, often associated with hydraulic suspension.

Will it prevent/fix leaks?
The product contains an agent, which will condition seals (thus prolonging seal life) and cause them to swell slightly) thus fixing any minor leaks coming through the seals). It will not fix major seal leaks or any leaks coming through holes caused by puncture or erosion. It is not capable of fixing mechanical malfunctions.

Is this product mineral oil based or synthetic?
Slick 50 Power steering fluid is mineral oil based.

Manual Gearbox Treatment
My car has a manual gearbox, but uses Automatic transmission fluid; can I use the Manual Gearbox Treatment?
No, we do not recommend this as the treatment is designed to mix with manual fluids. Unfortunately we no longer supply an Automatic Gearbox Treatment.

Can this Manual Gearbox Treatment be used in both normal and synthetic related engines?
Yes, this can be used in normal, or synthetic related engines.

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